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 Chicken Curry Recipe | Peanut Chicken Curry Recipe


As a chicken lover, I want always a new flavor in chicken, so I thought today to try something new in-home because in this we can't go outside try for new dishes. I tried some new mix with peanut sauce chicken curry recipe and the experiment result was amazing so I shared with you my new recipe peanut chicken gravy recipe. let's start with a peanut chicken curry recipe with some amazing twist.

have a look new recipe with a new twist I hope you will enjoy this recipe

peanut chicken curry slow cooker

Fixing for peanut chicken curry 

1. 1 kg chicken curry cut, 

2. 2 cups of curd  1 cup of peanuts,

3.  2 - medium-sized onions 

4.  2 spoon -  coriander powder

5. 1 piece of ginger and 1 piece garlic

6. six to seven - green chilies

7. Salt and pepper as per taste.

The most effective method to fabricate Chicken in Peanut Curry Clean and slash the chicken. Marinate it for at least 1 hour in a very combination of curd, salt, and dark pepper. Make a glue of the onions, unpracticed chilies, coriander, and ginger. 

peanut chicken curry recipe

Granulate the peanuts into a glue severally. Saute the unpracticed glue in margarine (could supplant it with oil, whenever wanted). At the point when the glue starts to show brilliant, add the nut glue and one tablespoon of the curd from the marinade. Mix well to make a thick curry. Presently add the chicken things, thoroughly cleaning endlessly all overabundance curd. Cover and cook on medium warmth. it'll not assume control over a quarter-hour for the chicken to cook. 

chicken curry recipe

At the point when the chicken is finished, add the leftover curd from the marinade; bring back a quick bubble and set out the glow. garnish it with some coriander and bits of ginger. Serve hot with roti or rice. 

peanut chicken recipe

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