Pushkar, a tiny low town in Rajasthan may be a backpacker and traveler heaven! Pushkar is chilled (for India!), it’s cheap, it’s spiritual, it’s easy to urge around, there are many places to eat Pushkar and lots of things to try and do in Pushkar however unlike many other places in India you and mainly there’s no have to want you would like to tick many iconic things off an inventory during the day and night like in many other places in India, which is why Pushkar is one in every of the most effective places to go to in India in my opinion! 


1. Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake sits within the middle of the town, it’s the largest Pushkar attraction, it’s very special and one in every of the highest things to try and do in Pushkar! The history of Pushkar Lake is it’s said that Lord Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation dropped a lotus from his hand and a Lake emerged in this place, thanks to this Pushkar could be an important place for Hindu’s and that they are blessed within the Lake Pushkar which is interesting to determine as you walk around.

It’s possible to run all the way around the Lake crossing the ghats along the way. It seems tricky sometimes to grasp the way to pass but there'll be steps somewhere procurable. It’s very nice seeing the entire lake as some parts are busier than others, better of all it’s totally unengaged to enter Pushkar lake.

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Be sure to require your shoes off before you go right down to the lake (if you don’t you’ll soon be told off by locals). I’d recommend carrying them with you so you don’t should return to the identical place you left them. be careful for the cow food and trash when walking barefoot as cows are allowed to roam around here and acquire fed well! Also, confirm you have got dressed appropriately along with your knees and shoulders covered.

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For another thing more to try and do in Pushkar, go right down to Pushkar Lake at the hours of darkness. it's very quiet and peaceful then. I found this was the most effective time to go to Pushkar Lake as I could really soak within the spiritual vibes of Pushkar.

2. Brahma Temple in Pushkar

Brahma is one of every of the foremost important Hindu Gods and together with Pushkar Lake, the Brahma Temple is incredibly special to Hindu’s too in Pushkar. In fact, it’s only 1 of some Brahma Temples in India and also the most prominent one. Visiting the Brahma Temple in Pushkar as a foreigner may be a bit stressful I found because it’s a top tourist place in Pushkar, so observe the below:

Firstly you wish to go away your shoes outside and no big bags or cameras are allowed in, they have to be put in an exceedingly locker for 10Rs outside. i used to be given a flower outside, I reluctantly accepted as I’m always cautious that nothing is free but I didn’t get asked for any money and was told the flower is for the temple, not on behalf of me anyway. 


3. Pushkar Cafes

If you’re a touch over Indian Food by the time you reach Pushkar you’ll be pleased to understand that when it involves where to dine in Pushkar, there are such a lot of cafes and restaurants in Pushkar all serving International and Western Food and it feels acceptable to be eating this in Pushkar so confirm you fit meals in between your Pushkar sightseeing.

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Not only that but fresh salads and juices are abundant in Pushkar which is simply what i used to be craving after only some weeks in India because I found safe salads and juices hard to search out in Rajasthan. My favorite café was The Laughing Buddha Café in Pushkar!

In addition to the present note that Pushkar is fully Vegetarian with no eggs. it's meant to be alcohol-free too but you'll find alcohol in many of the western cafes in Pushkar now. 

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4. Pushkar Food Tour

Talking of food, Pushkar is thought for its food and its street food as being a number of the simplest in Rajasthan. to assist you to get a far better understanding of the food in Pushkar, the simplest places to eat, and for one in all the items to try to to in Pushkar.

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5. Jaipur Ghat

For yet another place to look at the sunset in Pushkar and what to determine in Pushkar, head to Jaipur Ghat on Pushkar Lake and you’ll watch the sun go down directly ahead of you into the town. Be warned that you just will get plenty of hassle here from locals trying to sell you things or play music by you for money, they aren’t too pushy though, and are generally friendly so just politely decline, and that they will leave you.

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I’d recommend staying until once the sun goes down and it starts to urge dark as there’s usually music playing and other people practicing their fire twirling. It does attract a touch of a remarkable crowd but it’s good to determine.

Just remember if you go near the lake to require your shoes off! 

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