How to make rajasthani biryani


How to make Rajasthani chicken biryani

I arranged this biryani two or multiple times. This is a no-bomb formula for Rajasthani chicken biryani that is great. When the Rajasthani chicken biryani is cooked on charcoal, as you open the top, the kitchen smells fragrant, rich with the consoling fragrance of unadulterated ghee and saffron and the chicken cooked to dissolve in the mouth delicacy. Impeccably spiced biryani!

how to make Rajasthani biryani
how to make Rajasthani biryani

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By and large, when I make the rice for biryani, I make the rice self-rulingly in a rice cooker coming about to redesigning the water with flavors. While making this biryani, I at first cooked the chicken in a weight cooker in the wake of adding Lil more water than foreseen, by then cleansed the abundance water out of the cooked chicken. Trust me, this water is stacked with flavor and fragrance. So for cooking the rice, I cooked the rice right now. The cooked rice tasted unfathomably yummy and that is the thing that made this biryani fundamentally more great than the other biryani's I had made. the biggest questions are how to make Rajasthani chicken biryani and here is the solution. 

Rajasthani biryani at home
Rajasthani biryani at home 

when the biryani was on the eating up the table we didn't talk nor took a gander at one another, we were seen insatiably eating it. In like manner, the standard word that left both of our mouths was "Stunning" 

chicken for biryani
chicken for biryani 
Cooking the Rajasthani Chicken biryani

To crush 

Garlic-7 cloves 

Ginger-3-inch cut 

Green chilies-8 

Little onions or pearl onions-8 

For making chicken masala 

Chicken, bone-in-10 pieces 

Onion, cut flimsy 4 

Cinnamon-1-inch cut 



Bay leaves-2 

Garam masala-1 tbsp 

Tomatoes hacked 3 

Fennel Powder-2 tbsp 

Yogurt-2 tbsp 

Lemon juice-1 tbsp 

Cilantro hacked 1/4 cup 

Mint leaves hacked 8 leaves 

Water-1 cup 

Ghee-2 tbsp 

Salt-1 to 1/2 tsp

shankar das blogger
onions fry for biryani preparation 
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Strategy for Rajasthani chicken biryani 

Pound little onions, garlic, ginger, and green chilies together into a coarse glue and keep aside. 

Perceive a weight cooker over medium warmth. 

Add the ghee, add cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaves, saute for a few minutes. 

Add the onions and 1/2 tsp salt, saute for a few minutes. 

Add the coarsely ground little onions, garlic, ginger, green bean stew to the onions, saute for 3 minutes. 

Add garam masala, join everything amazingly. 

Add tomatoes, cook for 3 minutes. 

Add the chicken and join well. 

Eventually, add fennel powder and join well. 

Add yogurt, lemon juice, cut cilantro, and mint leaves. Union well. 

Add salt as appeared by your necessities. 

Add 1 cup of water to the chicken. 

Close the cooker with its spread and cook until 2 whistles, around 20 minutes. 

After the weight dies down, open the top. 

Separate the fluid or sauce from the chicken through a working strainer, keep aside the sauce and the chicken openly.

chicken biryani at home
chicken biryani at home 
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Cooking the rice 


Basmati Rice – 2 1/2 cups 

Sauce depleted from the cooked chicken-4 cups ( if the water from the cooked chicken measures under 4 cups, add additional water to make it to 4 cups) 

Entire Cinnamon-1-inch cut 

Entire Cardamom-2 

Dried Bay leaf-1 

Garam masala-1 tsp 

Ghee-2 tbsp 

Salt-1/2 tsp 


I cooked the rice in a near weight cooker utilized for cooking the chicken, you could utilize a rice cooker or a non-stick skillet. 

Wash the rice taken in a working strainer under running water. 

Identify the cooker over low-medium warmth. 

Add ghee, to that adding cinnamon, cardamom, and sound leaf. 

Add garam masala and join well. 

Immediately add the rice and join well. 

Add the water from the cooked chicken and join everything. 

Season with salt. 

Close the cooker and identify the whistle on it. 

Keep the gleam to low-medium and cook the rice for 12 to 15 minutes. 

Take the necessary steps not to overcook the rice. 

Expel the cooker from the stove and let the weight die down commonly. 

This was the vital occasion when I cooked the rice in a weight cooker, I've consistently discovered cooking rice in a rice cooker better as the rice will cook flawlessly in a rice cooker without turning sensitive. 

Blending the Chicken and Rice: 

Warmth a wide cooking dish, add the cooked chicken into the skillet. 

Cook over medium warmth and let any additional water in the chicken masala dry out. 

Lower the shine, add the cooked rice to the chicken, consolidate well. 

For Garnishing 

Saffron, devoured 1/2 tbsp water-2 presses 

Seared onions-1/2 cup 

Singed Cashew nuts-3 tbsp 

Singed Raisins-1 tbsp 

Cilantro hacked 2 packs 

Mint leaves hacked 8 leaves 

Shower saffron devoured water over the biryani. 

Cutting with singed onions, stewed raisins, cashew nuts, hacked cilantro, and mint leaves. 

Remove the dish from the stove. Spread the skillet with its top and extra ensured about for 30 minutes. 

Serve the biryani with Raita, Pickle, Pappad, and so forth. 


On the off chance that you need the biryani to be spicier, increment the green chilies; around 10 or 12.

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