jaipur durga puja 2020


Jaipur Durga puja 2020

JAIPUR Durga Puja Every year, artists fastidiously make Durga Puja pandals in the city recollecting the pictures, what's more, traditions of Bengal. They are not just reminiscent of the Bengali culture yet furthermore fill in as a phase for the artists to highlight their capacity. This year is the equivalent. As if revealing goddess Durga's appearance on a horse this year. The theme here is 'Chal Chitra', society art of Bengal, which is a painted foundation against which the images are set. This year, we have set 'katwa' wherever all through the pandal. These are wooden dolls for the most part made in Natungram town of West Bengal. Bengali sindoor boxes similarly incorporate a touch of neighborhood flavor to the style.

Jaipur Durga puja 2019
Jaipur Durga puja 2019

Jaipur Jai club Durga Puja
Jaipur Jai Club Durga Puja 

As I conceived the Bengali family Durga puja is the greatest celebration for us. we commend 10 days to proceed. I live in Jaipur and Jaipur Durga puja festivity is the best festival in Rajasthan. in Jaipur commend 40 spots. the most popular spot is the Jai club, SDM Park, Jaipur Durga bari, shakti establishment Malviya Nagar, Jaipur Vijay estate, and a lot more places here to observe Durga puja.

durga puja 2019
Jaipur Vijay villa Durga puja 

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Jaipur prem garden Durga puja 

 As Golden sections with solid linings, gold leaves, and great orderlies make you feel just as you are entering a regal habitation Gupta, who organized this pandal also, says the symbol has been kept inside a bend the formed room which is painted in the golden color "Golden color was picked for the grand contact and a few rings improve the room where the image is kept. The structure was made with wood and thermocol by artists who were exceptionally called from Bengal," he incorporates Then once more, some Bengali social requests are giving an individual contact to the merriments The Probasi Bengali Cultural Society (PBCS), which acclaims its silver the festival this year, As it's the silver festival of our affiliation, we have advanced the pandal with blue color and the trimmings of the goddess are in silver, Blue depicts the night and as dusk falls on Durga, her enhancements are silver-colored The dresses and trimmings were requested from Bengal alongside the artists." Jaipur Durga puja the biggest festival for Bengalis who lived in Jaipur. 

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Jaipur Durga Puja With Family 

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Jaipur Durga puja with brothers 
durga puja 2019 kolkata
Jaipur Bhrampuri Durga Puja 

 We have Durga puja has extraordinary significance in been observing Jaipur Durga Puja for a considerable length of time in a more straightforward life we should all pursue the Hindu furthermore, conventional way with an enriched symbol and culture and ought to do Durga puja consistently so our desire is blog. Individuals should come here for their convictions not.

Jaipur Durga Puja Celebration
Jaipur Durga Puja Celebration 

durga puja celebration in jaipur
Jaipur Malviya Nagar Durga Puja 

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