Chicken Korma Recipe


Chicken Korma Recipe

This chicken korma is so delightful and tastes stunning with rice or pulao recipes. It has a lot of fixings that go into making this recipe and I should express this is a certain essential undertaking chicken curry recipe. The chicken korma recipe here is made utilizing onion paste, dry typical things paste and yogurt and are essentially similar to a Mughlai chicken recipe. Here chicken has been consistently cooked for a good season with heaps of flavors and masala paste. here are the full details of the chicken korma recipe.

easy chicken korma recipe

Chicken korma recipe can be made in different ways and this recipe is one among them. Chicken curries and chicken korma recipes can be made with different collections and making chicken dishes in each novel manner is a joy for me. 
easy chicken korma recipe

his chicken recipe needs some consistency to make the masala, huge fry the onions, and a little bit at a time cooking the chicken for quite a while. This chicken korma recipe can be made thick or pathetic relying on how one gets a kick out of the opportunity to make the dish. I like to keep it medium and comparatively, water can be consolidated. 

chicken korma recipe at home

The korma recipe is ceaselessly a smooth, succulent sort of a recipe as it needs rich fixings into making it. This is an ideal recipe to make during events and merriments. 

Chicken curries are constantly a propensity during social affairs and celebrations and this recipe can be made during Eid besides. These sorts of korma recipes are astoundingly standard in Muslim families and such recipes were central during the Mughal time moreover. 

Nizams and Nawabs got a kick out of the opportunity to eat rich and nutritious sustenance's and this chicken korma recipe takes after such recipes. This without a doubt is a lip-smacking recipe. 

The fragrance in the recipe turns out through sweet-smelling entire flavors and garam masala which totally lifts up the flavors in the dish. 


Indian Style Chicken Korma Recipe which is very wealthy in making and tastes authentic. 

Fixings for chicken korma Recipe

750 gms chicken cleaned and washed well 

3 tbsp oil 

salt to taste 

1 tsp red stew powder 

1/2 tsp turmeric powder 

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 

3-4 vertically cut green chilies 

1 little cinnamon stick dalchini 

2 cloves loung 

2 cardamoms elaichi 

1 gulf leaf tej patta 

1 tsp garam masala powder 

1/2 tsp dull pepper powder kali mirch powder 

1/2 tsp coriander seeds powder 

1 tsp lemon juice oust 

2 tbsp hacked coriander leaves 

2 tbsp packed mint leaves 

The Korma Paste: 

3 tbsp sautéed onion paste 

1 tbsp dissipated coconut dry roasted 

4-5 cashew nuts Kaju somewhat roasted 

3-4 almonds badam somewhat roasted 

1 tsp chironji charoli seeds somewhat roasted 

1 tsp khus - khus poppy seeds dry roasted for few moments 

1 cup beaten yogurt 

Mixing The Korma Paste : 

Quickly, to make this recipe noteworthy fry the onions, take them out, dry them and make a paste of the southern style onions by including scarcely any drops of water and put it in a protected spot. 

For the korma paste, take the blender, into it fuse roasted coconut, roasted Kaju, and badaam, roasted chironji seeds, roasted khus, mix them into a fine powder, consolidate little water and make a paste, and put it in a sheltered spot. 

Making The Korma: 

Take a cooking vessel, consolidate oil and warmth it, fuse cinnamon stick, fuse cloves, cardamoms, straight leaf into it and saute well. 

Consolidate chicken pieces into it and dish it until an alteration in covering shows up. 

Consolidate ginger-garlic paste, salt to taste, red stew powder, turmeric powder, green chilies, blend well and cook for few moments. 

Fuse mixed paste of ( roasted coconut, Kaju, Badam, chironji, khus) into the chicken. 

Fuse the southern style onion paste into it, blend and cook the entire blend on sim fire until oil flames showing up at the corners. 

Fuse beaten yogurt into it, blend and cook for a few moments. 

Fuse garam masala powder, diminish pepper powder, coriander powder, blend. 

Fuse little water as demonstrated by the thickness liked if the sauce is an excessive amount of thick. 

Cook till the chicken gets touchy and doesn't cook on high fire as the masala may eat up at the base. 

Consolidate separated coriander leaves and mint leaves and cook for a few moments. 

Switch off the fire and join lemon juice into it and blend well. 

Serve hot with roti or rice. 


1. On the off chance that the recipe is hot, by then entire flavors can be obliged or avoided so as to decrease the scorching flavor.2. Join water depending on the ideal consistency.

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