punjabi fish fry recipe


Punjabi fish fry recipe

I realized that Punjab is a place that is known for five waterways yet at the same time I never envisioned fish being served in the Dhaba and cafés. On my further research and cross-examination with companions, I became more acquainted with that it is a significant well-known snack during winters. The noteworthy taste and arranging of Amritsari Fish fry recipe have made it understood transversely over Punjab.

punjabi fish fry recipe
Punjabi fish fry recipe

 Amritsar Fish Fry Recipe
Punjabi fish fry recipe at home

Amritsari fish fry recipe Fixings: 

haddock filet 1.2kg 

salt 2g/1/4 teaspoon 

dull pepper 1g/1/8teaspoon 

for the most part valuable flour 70g/1/2cup 

oil for searing 

for the most part valuable flour 150g/1cup 

corn starch 75g/1/2cup 

getting ready powder 4g/1 teaspoon 

salt 2g/1/4 teaspoon 

getting ready soda pop 1g/1/4 teaspoon 

stew powder 1g/1/4 teaspoon 

white vinegar 2g/1/4 teaspoon 

garlic 2g/1 clove 

salt 1g/1/8teaspoon 

sharp cream 50g/1/4 cup 

milk 15g/1 tablespoon

served with meal 

Punjabi Fried Fish
fish fry serves with the meal 

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