adlabs imagica mumbai trip


Adlabs imagica Mumbai trip

our journey started from goa. The good ways from goa to Adlabs imagica Mumbai trip is perfect for an excursion that is best investigated with a driver driven cab. You may end whenever the timing is ideal whenever anyplace and make the most of your brief break. With Savaari's easy to use the site, you can book taxi online in a couple of basic advances and benefit a problem-free vehicle rental administration. Procuring a cab guarantees that goa to imagica Distance will be canvassed in ideal time. With Savaari's driver driven vehicles, you don't need to make a big deal about refueling, risky landscape or some annoying truck attempting to surpass you from an inappropriate side. Drive your seats back, lower the window and appreciate the beautiful landscapes while the goa to imagica separation is being secured by a vehicle.

Adlabs imagica Mumbai trip
Adlabs imagica Mumbai trip
Adlabs imagica the theme park
Adlabs imagica the theme park
Adlabs Imagica is India's greatest amusement park of universal guidelines and a well-known family goal. It is situated in Khopoli, Maharashtra and offers a lot of fun exercises including 21 rides, 3 kinds of stages appears, road exhibitions, comic characters, and delightful sustenance. It is encompassed by beautiful slopes of Khopoli and spread over a region of 80 sections of land

By and by, Mogambo khush Hua! Why? Mr. India is back! As are Seema, Calendar, and the children alongside another sidekick robot, Toota Phoota. Furthermore, they are looked at with one more fight against dread. Along these lines, jump on to Mr. India's notorious vehicle for a brave ride and help him battle against fiendishness.
While a pristine high-paced Mr. India experience plays on-screen, you feel each knock and plunge, push and push of this gutsy voyage directly in your vehicle, making this fascination the most vivid movie review experience you have ever had! Incepted without precedent for India, the vivid movement reproduction innovation loans a totally better approach for encountering Mr. India's contemporary experience. Prepare for some new age "Hawa-Hawai".

Imagica Theme Park
mr. India 

Salimgarh-cells, torment rooms and a princess caught for time everlasting. OK dare experience these and live to tell the story? Endeavor to explore these scary passages just in the event that you want to get out alive! Salimgarh's passageways are melancholy and loaded up with terrible stories. Enter the spooky fortification of this dull ride just in the event that you are certain you would return securely! OK set out to enter? In the event that indeed, at that point head to Adlabs Imagica, a brave excursion spot close to Mumbai Pune Express Highway.

Visit Imagica
Salim Garh at imagica theme park

A prominent prehistorian has found the vestiges of a sanctuary that has remained uncovered for quite a long time. Be that as it may, this is no customary sanctuary. It is home to the powers of the Elements. Will they get the excavator and his visitors with a warm welcome or release their rage? The response of these old divinities is amazingly rendered, through an ideal mix of live theater, embellishments and sight and sound, to give you a totally vivid encounter. In this way, prepare yourselves for the divine forces of anger!

Adlabs Imagica in Mumbai
the anger of the gods 


Hello kids, prepare to develop those muscles for your privateer companion. He is stranded on the highest point of the pinnacle and you should push your pontoon as quick as you can to get to the top to protect him. Mind you, relentless tots, the primary vessel to get to the top, wins.

Trip to Adlabs imagica
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Detective Bow Wow is a blundering and bumbling universal police detective. He regularly ends up ensnared with issues he makes for himself and much of the time prompts mishap for himself as well as other people. He has this uncanny skill of hauling a hare out of the cap as the woman karma sparkles on him thoughtfully. Bow Wow much of the time pursues a totally imbecilic hypothesis of the wrongdoing, illuminating the case just unintentionally. He was visiting Imagica's Artifact Museum where we have Ali Baba's light and different fortunes. Be that as it may, a security caution went off and Imagica believes that our most valuable Dragon is in threat of being taken. So we've enrolled the assistance of Detective Bow Wow to help ensure the Dragon.
Come join Detective Bow Wow to understand the puzzle and discover who is attempting to steal the Dragon.

 theme park in Khopoli,
Ali baba chalis chor imagica 

Shankar das blogger
Shankar das blogger


The Sultan is in a grave circumstance and the fate of the kingdom of Gulabad is in your grasp now. Forty thieves have trespassed into the city dividers and represent a danger to its fortunes. It has arrived to hold the pride of this kingdom. In this way, support those laser firearms and focus on every one of those forty thieves covered up in the city! When you board your vehicle, you will feel like you are a piece of a computer game. You will go through the city of Gulabad searching for forty thieves in this energizing intelligent ride. When they spring up from behind a souk or from under a cavern, you should tackle them with your laser firearms. The more thieves you shoot, the more focuses you gather. Much the same as a computer game, the one to gather most extreme focuses may remove excessively energizing prizes. Thus, burden, point, and fire!


Apparatus up for one fun and uneven ride with dashes and sprinkles! This fascination is a water-based form of bumpin' vehicles. It's very basic. Pick your excessively magnificent motored pontoon and lock-in. Select your objective, race toward them in your pontoon and afterward knock!

Adlabs Imagica in Mumbai
night overview at imagica 

Shankar das blogger
Shankar das blogger


As they voyaged, they turned out to be increasingly familiar with a related voyager, who was all sign of affirmation about a stunning universe of dreams Imagica.
So hypnotized were Chhota Bheem and companions, that they chose to remain longer at Imagica. A little piece at once, as their companionship developed, their stay delayed, till at long last, the Stars of Imagica yielded that they couldn't require anything over to have Chhota Bheem with them for time everlasting.

shankar das blogger

                            MAMBO CHAI CHAMA - CRAZY TEA CUPS

imagica nitro imagica
imagica nitro 
Salim Garh imagica 
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