place to visit in bangladesh


places to visit in Bangladesh

We begin from Dhaka Sightseeing Tour, visiting early morning markets, at that point blossom showcases the morning was energizing at that point visit Parliament working inside, which Tours and Trips Bangladesh, effectively made the official papers and authorization for our visit reason, that was incredible. Later we began driving for our Old Dhaka Tours they're we visited Pink Palace. the best place to visit in Bangladesh Dhaka,  Armenian Church, Star Mosque, Shakari Bazar, Sadarghat, Lalbagh post. Our guide Vimal is much educated to brief everything so pleasant and straightforward. Bangladesh is a nation to visit once and you ought to have to visit in Bangladesh.

place to visit in bangladesh
 place to visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is south Asia's greenest pearl – a nation fit with conduits, with a rich culture clutching be explored by initiating voyagers. I will share the best place to visit in Bangladesh.

how to visit in Bangladesh

Mazhar of Shah Sultan Balkhi Tomb in Mahasthangarh In the core of Mahasthangarh town, close to the transport stop, is the sepulcher of Shah Sultan Balkhi, a fourteenth-century Afghan warrior who – as indicated by legend – came and the Hindu ruler Parshuram and ruled the area for a long time. It's a tranquil complex where you can submerge yourself in no time flat of soul looking, before proceeding onward to look at the little however brilliant market abutting the sepulcher, selling everything from tinsel-lined texture to scrumptious nearby sweetmeats. 

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Bashor Ghar Mahasthangarh

over view mahasthangarh 

Potentially the most fabulous of Mahasthangarh's noteworthy locales, this elevated and multi-layered red-block structure goes back to around the seventh century, in spite of the fact that it was exhumed uniquely around 80 years prior. Nearby legend portrays it as the Bashor Ghar or wedding structure of Behula, the little girl of a rich Bengali broker, whose spouse was unfortunately nibbled by a snake on the very night of her wedding (probably in this very structure) yet later breathed life into back by the goddess Manasa.the most visited in Bangladesh.

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at mahasthangarh 

beautiful tourist places in Bangladesh
Bogra mahasthangarh park 

Places to Visit in Dhaka City
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best attractions in Dhaka
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Mahasthangarh park view

Bangladesh is south Asia's greenest pearl – a nation fit with conduits, with a rich culture clutching be explored by initiating voyagers. 

A Land of Rivers

Welcome to the river nation. Bangladesh is coincided together by more than 700 rivers, making a delectably pamper scene with a greater number of shades of green than you anytime imagined. Passing by boat is a way of life here, and gives a great opportunity to see the nation from an inexorably abnormal point. This is one of the world's most thickly populated nations, yet once you're step by step skimming downriver on a little wooden boat, it's definitely not hard to imagine you have everything to yourself. Notwithstanding whether you're making an excursion to enraged Dhaka or to the Sundarbans' mangrove forests, vessels gigantic and little will empower you to research Bangladesh's riches.

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