Jaipur Hidden Place


Jaipur hidden place

our voyage started from Jaipur city with the bike we discovered Jaipur hidden place which base is close Amer fort town Jaipur, we began our excursion at 9 am from the  Jaipur city. we came to at 9.30 am at anokhi historical center.

Jaipur hidden place
Amer fort view

A standout amongst other kept insider facts of the city of Amer is a seventeenth-century lake 'Sagar', which was most Jaipur hidden place. the essential wellspring of water for the bordering fortresses of Amer and Jaigarh just as the city of Amer and its kin. Concealed past Kheri Gate and the Anokhi Museum, the lake can become via vehicle, and afterward one can stroll around its limit. Worked during the rule of Raja Man Singh, the lake which is partitioned into two sections the Upper Sagar and the Lower Sagar, kept a beware of the water table of the area. It was planned in a way that it was associated with different advanced wells in the area, which naturally topped off once the 'Sagar' had arrived at its capacity. We were the main visitors in the territory, crossing a couple of local people, explorers, and creatures during our little experience. On the off chance that you are visiting Amer or the Anokhi Museum at night, do stop by. The nightfall transforms the mud-put dividers of Amer into a brilliant maze holding back to be investigated.

Man Sagar Lake
Sagar inside view

Sagar Lake amer
Sagar hill view  

Jaipur is simply the city where each place talks about the imperial history of the Jaipur hidden place. Visiting this beautiful place during Monsoons will give you the paramount experience that you will recall for an amazing duration.

lakes in jaipur
Sagar overview

History: Situated close to the Anokhi Museum at Jaipur-Amer street, this beautiful place was built during the sixteenth century. The place was for the most part used as a place of social gatherings. Individuals from adjacent places come here for getting water, swimming or just to spend time with their friends and family. During antiquated occasions, this place was used fundamentally as water secures the pool. This beautiful Kund has an of kind engineering and styling. This Kund was structured by a Brahmin and developed by skilled workers and architects. The principal truth about this place which is accepted by local people is that no one can utilize similar stairs to get down and go upstairs here which demonstrates that similar stairs can't be used by a similar individual. This is an astonishing puzzle and every one of the visitors to this place attempts to do this. Be that as it may, the nearby individuals of this place can do this errand with no issue as they are ongoing to it. The place has a dazzling example of balanced stairs that can keep yous shocked. I will share about the Jaipur hidden place.

Panna Meena Ka Kund (otherwise called Panna Mian ki Baoli and Panna Miyan ka Kund) is situated on Jaipur-Amer street close to the Anokhi Museum, covered up in the north part of the bargain area, not a long way from Amer Fort.

A place where individuals could desire water, a dip, talk with a neighborUnlike the bigger and all the more notable step-wells of Rajasthan (for example Chand Baori), this one is a lot littler, left, and nothing confining you from investigating the steps down to the water. It's an extraordinary place to visit in the wake of persevering through the crowds at the Amer Palace, and well worth removing a little ways from your agenda to look at it. or on the other hand to unwind. It's an extraordinary place to sit and invest some energy during the sweltering summer evenings in light of the fact that the ground of the kund stays extremely cool during that time. As per the neighborhood occupants, it's unthinkable for an individual to utilize similar stairs to get down and return up.

Panna Meena ka kund
Panna Meena ka Kund

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Panna Meena kund view
Prevalent Attractions: All the stepwells have their own magnificence and appeal, however, this one is distinctive as it is less populated contrasted with different ones. The magnificence of the place can be best observed during the rainy season. A large number of vacationers visit this place to investigate its excellence and the remarkable idea of styling. It's an eight-story staircase pool and looks amazingly charming. The place beautifully mirrors the blend of nature and religion. The fundamental fascination of the plain is its balanced advance dividers. Bits of Octagonal formed are utilized in the center of the Kund and porch on two stories. The stairs are in a crisscross geometrical example which leaves the visitors enchanted. I already shared some pictures of Jaipur's hidden place, I hope you all love this. Visitors can see the dazzling perspective on the Amber Fort and Palace and mountains from here.

anokhi museum view
anokhi museum view

Panna Meena ka Kund
Panna Meena kund near Amer fort 

One can have his best time here during Monsoons just as during Summer in light of the fact that the water of the Kund keeps the place cool and gives the visitors mitigating knowledge. It causes visitors to invest some quality energy here. During the rainy season, the sight to see individuals jumping into this Kund looks fabulous. The place is the ideal end for photography. This outstanding amongst another place to be investigated during the outing to Pink City. Step by step instructions to reach: By utilizing any open vehicle you can reach here.

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