Crispy Corn recipe at home


Crispy Corn recipe at home 🌽

Crispy Corn recipe is one of our most well-known recipes and an unsurpassed top pick. For all the sustenance sweethearts, enjoy this basic and elegant corn recipe. Crunchy corn beat with some garlic, onions, and sauces is the best of whatever one could want for. In the event that you hunger for delicious sustenance, if its all the same to you having something fried now and again or on the off chance that you adore fried corn, we are certain you can't miss this. Crispy corn is a spiced bite made by searing sweet corn kernels and adding a few sauces to it. Add a few turns to this by including some lemon or talk masala on the top while eating, and you'll need to eat this over and over. I will share how to make crispy corn recipe at home.

crispy corn recipe
crispy corn recipe 

Crispy Corn is perfect for gatherings, evening snacks for children or similarly as a starter before the fundamental course. Regardless of whether your children return from school at night or are returning after a tiring game, this corn recipe will perk them up. Be it, children or grown-ups, men or ladies, young men or young ladies, this is an ideal canapé for any family get together nighttimes. Zest up the night, by setting up certain smoothies or refreshments alongside this and you have yourself a party.r you next Kitty Party as well. 

crispy corn recipe at home
crispy corn recipe at home

How to get ready? 


1 cup sweet corn 

2 tbsp generally useful flour( Maida) 

2 tbsp cornflour 

½ tsp pepper powder 

½ tsp ginger-garlic glue 

Salt to taste 

Oil for Frying 

For treating 

2 tsp oil 

3 cloves garlic, finely hacked 

2 green chilies/red chilies, hacked 

¼ cup of spring onions 

¼ cup tomato sauce 

1 tbsp stew sauce 

1 tsp vinegar 

1 tsp soy sauce 

Salt to taste 


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Consolidate the corn, universally handy flour, cornflour, salt, pepper and 1 tbsp of water in a deep bowl and blend well. 

Warmth the oil in a deep non-stick dish and deep-fry the corn till they divert brilliant darker in shading from every one of the sides. Channel on a spongy paper and keep aside. 
Include the tomato sauce, bean stew sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, deep-fried corn, and somewhat salt, blend well and hurl on a medium flame for 1 minute. 

Trimming with spring onions and serve right away. 


You don't have to bubble or steam the corn before broiling. 

You would deep be able to broil the corn kernels ahead and keep prepared. Blend them in sauces, just before serving. 

Change the sauces as per taste.

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