A Day Tour Kolkata The city Of joy


A Day Tour Kolkata The city Of joy

Kolkata the city of joy – a culturally rich city having numerous old structures as it has the advanced ones; yet its cutting edge structures still give a feeling of the old well-known touch. This social capital of India has structures and holy places of numerous beliefs gently existing together inside this city; you can discover temples, holy places, mosques, and even synagogues. The British especially adored this city, a proof of which you can find in the excellent structures they deserted. Kolkata is also home to some acclaimed Nobel Laureates who found their last resting spot here. With such a large number of spots to check off, it is enticing to visit all of them. In any case, while you are arranging your day, visit these spots for Sightseeing in Kolkata, and don't pass up the delicious dishes of Kolkata. A Day Tour Kolkata the city of joy my journey started from Jaipur. my one-day tour of Kolkata was an amazing and unforgettable moment.

victoria memorial hall
victoria memorial  hall Kolkata

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata Overview

My Kolkata tour started from victoria memorial hall. I will tell you about victoria memorial hall,
Victoria Memorial Another relic of the British Raj in India, the Victoria Memorial is situated in the core of Kolkata, in West Bengal. This white marbled rich structure was worked in memory of Queen Victoria to praise her 25 years of guideline over India and is right around a reproduction of the Victoria Memorial in London. Victoria Memorial is a famous structure that is synonymous with the city of joy!

side view of victoria memorial hall
the view of victoria memorial hall

The memorial is encompassed by rich green and well-looked after nursery, which spreads more than 64 sections of land and has various statues and figures in it. Victoria Memorial is amazing and grand, especially around evening time when it is enlightened. The Sound and Light demonstrates that occur at night are an additional pleasure and an unquestionable requirement watch. All, on the whole, the spot is an absolute necessity visit for individuals to wish to remember the quintessence of the Victorian period in the current world.

Vidyasagar Setu
Vidyasagar Setu, also known as the Second Hooghly Scaffold, is an extension, which is remaining over the Hooghly Waterway in West Bengal. It is found 2 km toward the South of Howrah Extension to decrease the vehicular weight from the last mentioned. This Setu goes about as a fundamental connection among Kolkata and Howrah. This Setu is Asia's biggest and the world's third-biggest link stayed connect. 

After India's Autonomy business movement and populace all over India expanded quickly. Around then there was just one Scaffold in West Bengal, to be specific Howrah Extension, which is going about as one noteworthy connection interfacing Howrah and Kolkata. It was seen that there was overwhelming traffic through it and the scaffold was basically overburdened with huge traffic. It was then chosen to manufacture a second extension over the Hooghly Waterway to diminish this weight and to make a second connection to Howrah. In this way, the second Hooghly Extension was conceived.

howrah bridge
night view of  Vidyasagar Setu

Dakshineswar temple Kolkata

Dakshineswar temple is one of the most adored, hallowed temples in Kolkata, devoted to goddess Kali. The temple was worked in ordinary Nava-Ratna style. It brags a transcending stature in excess of 100 feet. This generally renowned temple of Dakshineswar is acclaimed among pioneers all over the world. It was at this very spot the Rama Krishna Paramahamsa, the exceedingly loved religious mastermind achieved his otherworldly vision and upheld the solidarity of all religions.

dakshineswar kali temple
dakshineswar Kali Mata Temple

A Day Tour Kolkata The city Of joy journey end with lots of fun and memories, the unforgettable thing is the Kolkata the city of joy culture.

the holy ganga river

the holy Ganga river 
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ganga river
Ganga river fisherman 

the view of victoria memorial hall
the view of victoria memorial hall 

shankar das blogger
victoria hall side view 

victoria memorial hall kolkata
full view of victoria memorial hall

All picture capture By prithitosh sarkar my one of my best childhood friends. he took many amazing pictures, he is one of the best photographers in Kolkata. he shows amazing talent with his camera. thank you my dear friend for the amazing pictures. 

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